Lime protection & limescale removal

Physical lime protection with effective corrosion protection

The electronic high-frequency induction system protects reliably and effectively against lime deposits.
The powerful system works with running and standing water.
Numerous tests also prove the successful removal of already existing lime deposits from water pipes.

Why PHASIS lime protection works like a water softener

  • The signal has a far-reaching effect on the entire water supply system
  • Lime deposits are prevented by high-frequency pulses
  • Strong alternating current signal also works with standing water
  • Environmentally friendly, very low energy consumption
  • Measurable signal supply and verifiable function strength

Lime protection for the whole house - like decalcification

The chemical-free and energy-saving induction technology stands for environmental friendliness and sustainabilityt

Healthy drinking water

All important minerals remain in the water - for a vital drinking pleasure and your health.

The Phasis scale protection signal passes through all pipe materials (metal or plastic) and effects standing and flowing water.

The lime dissolved in the water is stimulated to combine into small micro-particles that no longer settle inside the pipe or on appliances, tiles, taps or shower heads. The micro particles are so small that they are rinsed out with the water.

The signal pulsates 24 hours daily and continuously throughout the entire pipeline network.
This provides effective, highly effective limescale protection as well as decalcification in the pipeline network.

The induction power of the different PHASIS devices ranges from 25 Volt to 110 Volt (domestic or industrial).

Product video

Assembly video

Water decalcification through electricity? - Expert interview

For whom is Phasis suitable?

The electronic limescale protection devices are suitable for every household. Our range offers the right model for every size of house and for every area of application.
The Phasis devices can be used for drinking water and service water circuits in all single-family and multi-family homes and in hotels and industry.

The table of equipment shows you with which equipment you can achieve the optimum limescale protection for your property.
For larger houses and commercial installations there are further powerful models (incl. higher diameters) available. All units are chemical- and maintenance-free.