Phasis Power 35

For larger apartment buildings with 3 or more bathrooms, pool, etc.

Today, the Power 35 is the most powerful device in its class for larger residential units. It generates an electromagnetic field of 35 - 40 volts. The signal is transmitted oscillatingly via the ferrite ring into the water pipes. Even larger water pipes with a corresponding flow rate can be reached by the stronger limescale protection signal.

Picture of the Power 35
Power 35

Phasis Power 35 protects your water pipes and appliances against calcification and breaks down existing limescale deposits. The annoying disadvantages of hard water are neutralised.

To check the function of the Power 35

The device is equipped with an LED. You can always read which voltage is being transferred to the water.

The ferrite ring can span water pipes up to 63 mm, or 2.3 inches. Since the strong induction field is built up inside the ring, you can also fit it around smaller water pipes without having to expect energy losses.

The even energy field encompasses the entire interior of the ring and thus the water.
The pipe material is unimportant, because the pipe carrier is the water.

Lime protection with the Phasis Power 35
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Advantages of the Phasis Power 35

Suitable for larger apartment buildings

Due to the increased voltage of 35 - 40 volts, which acts as a high-frequency alternating current signal into the water, it is well suited for extended pipe networks.

Effective against lime deposits

The high frequency signal prevents lime from settling in the pipes. This saves energy and therefore costs in an ecologically sensible way and it protects the pipes.

Effective against rust

The alternating current signal is also effective against rust, it protects the pipes with a layer of electrons, the pipes last longer and the risk of pipe breakage is reduced.

Highly efficient

The high-frequency signal is completely harmless and cannot be perceived by us. It can only be measured in water (with an oscilloscope).

The energy costs are below 11,-£ per year. Therefore the device works 24 hours a day in the whole pipeline network.

You do not need a craftsman

There are no windings to lay, the ferrites are screwed together and placed around the water pipe according to a very simple installation plan which is enclosed with the product. Then the plug is plugged in and you can see on the LED how the device starts to work. All this can be done in a few minutes without any effort - done!