Application ABC

The ABC insert is intended to give you an overview of the areas of application for PHASIS devices. This serves you as orientation.

The Application ABS shows you the advantages of installing a PHASIS limescale protection device.



Without PHASIS lime protection, lime precipitation starts to occur on a large scale from approx. 60 °C. Due to the then the beginning of calcification, the efficiency of the hot water system is greatly reduced. This leads to extended heating times, calcified temperature sensors and also for overheating or failure of heating elements.

Induction technology provides a remedy here: hot water production becomes more efficient, the Energy costs decrease. The calcification in the boiler is stopped, existing lime is removed, like our Experiences show, dismantled. The fine crystalline lime precipitated by the technology is the flowing water and rinsed out. The heating elements regain their original performance.


Bath additives foam more vigorously, so that the amount of bath additives used is about half can be reduced to achieve the same result as before. If oily or replenishing bath additives are used, the tub should be cleaned with a cleaning agent in order to remove the oily or fatty substances. Rinse with clear, treated water and the tub shines without rubbing.


Carwash / Car wash

Cars can be cleaned with half the usual cleaning agents. Then rinse thorough - any lime dust that may still be present can be easily removed with a dry cloth wipe off (the limescale protection device changes the limescale but does not remove it).

Coffee machines

Lime deposits in coffee machines often necessitate complex chemical decalcification - with PHASIS limescale protection prevents calcification before it occurs. Coffee machines in the household With the right procedure, calcification can be reduced considerably. Attention must be paid to this, that the water treated with the induction unit is taken fresh from the pipe The effect flattens after about 30 minutes, the lime then returns to its normal state. In the case of wired fully automatic coffee machines, a second, smaller appliance should be installed shortly before the machine, behind the filter in the direction the coffee machine to reduce the drop in performance caused by the filter in the water again. note:
The cleaning programme prescribed by the manufacturer for the internal brewing area must not be exceeded. can be waived. If required, appropriate filters should also be used.

Cleaning work

The Phasis limescale protection unit does not replace cleaning work, but makes it easier and saves Cleaning agent. As a positive side effect, the waste water is relieved. Dried water drops can be cleaned very well within approx. 72 hours with a slightly Remove a damp cloth or microfibre cloth. Chemical cleaning agents are no longer necessary.



Pressure changes, heating and turbulence of the water cause lime to precipitate. The structure of the lime is amorphous and extensive. Thus it cross-links and forms rock-hard encrustations in water pipes, boilers and household appliances.
The necessary descaling is difficult and expensive. The water pipes are rinsed with acidic solutions that dissolve the lime. Damage to pipes occur frequently, as the acids can naturally attack metallic surfaces.
Decalcification is no longer possible with advanced lime build-up, as the flow of solutions is hindered.

The PHASIS technology has 2 mechanisms of action on decalcification:

  • As further lime is prevented from accumulating, the existing, solidified lime is dissolved over time. This works, but it takes some Time (1 to 2 years)

  • High-frequency sound softens the surface of the limescale crusts, making them easier to loosen and supporting decalcification.

The resulting decalcification makes economic sense, because clean boilers and pipes require less energy input and protect the environment and save money.


Despite different manufacturer recommendations, the following applies: You can adjust the detergent to the dosage for soft to medium water hardness and reduce any existing press settings to set the position "soft or medium-hard water". You can also try the Operate the dishwasher without salt at times (but always with a shine washer). To do this, select a programme with low temperatures and add a cold rinse cycle if necessary. If your glasses in the dishwasher turn white, then these are not lime deposits, but possibly around glass corrosion.



When PHASIS lime protection is applied, limescale no longer settles: you will only slight lime dust, which can be simply wiped away. Therefore no chemical cleaning agents are necessary. Simple cleaning should be carried out within 72 hours.

The biofilm present in the water system, which is formed by various strains of bacteria that partially in the water or at the outlet is effectively reduced.


With cold and hot water taps, the seals are hardly attacked. Repairs are very rare. The taps do not get stuck. See also "sieves".


Hair Care

Your shampoo will foam much better. You can therefore adjust the amount of shampoo as required. reduce. Many customers report that their hair feels softer and fuller and more shines.

Heat exchanger

Calcification greatly reduces the efficiency of the hot water system. The installation of the PHASIS limescale protection units provide a remedy here: hot water production becomes more efficient, the Maintenance costs decrease. Over time, the calcification in the heat exchanger leads to excessive Energy expenditure when heating the water. Often the desired water temperature can no longer be can be achieved. The greater the temperature difference, the more deposits are formed. As there are if larger metal surfaces are involved, an efficient, strong limescale protection device can be used. It is also important that the heat exchanger is operated correctly and precipitated lime decomposition products can be removed from the heat exchanger



With the PHASIS limescale protection system, you can prevent limescale from adhering and the cooker must be constantly descaled if you follow some basic instructions: After use, the remaining water should be drained off One short cold rinse Afterwards you should wipe the inside of the kettle dry with a dry tea towel (Beware of the still hot heating coils) You can thus avoid the use of chemical anti-lime agents for a very long time. This is how you save costs, protect the environment and of course your equipment.


Pressure lines

In pressure lines, loss of performance due to calcification is particularly costly. Phasis limescale protection creates remedy and keeps pressure lines free of lime deposits.

The pulsating, high-frequency alternating current field of the lime protection system leads the lime out of its amorphous form into the fine, needle-shaped crystal form, which can no longer stick. Many case studies confirm that existing lime deposits gradually dissolve and re be dismantled.


Without the right water treatment, there are four problem areas in pool systems known:

  • Lime deposits caused by water

  • Use-related bacterial contamination

  • Algae growth on edge and cover

  • Filter clogged by organic dirt

The PHASIS device series is very well suited for use in pools and ponds.

Immediately after the installation of an electronic limescale protection system, the use of water treatment additives are reduced by 30% and again by 30% a week later. You can quickly see the success, the reduced consumption of chemicals is pleasant for the pool users and saves costs Pool covers have a tendency to algae growth and limescale - by installing a limescale protection system, this is slowed down considerably, and in most cases even prevented altogether. This saves you a lot of cleaning work. The alternating current fields of the system charge the suspended particles in the water positively and negatively they contract and are easier to filter as large flakes.

Pond systems

PHASIS limescale protection devices prevent limescale deposits in fish farms and help improve water quality. For koi carp breeders, water filtration and clarification of water is both hygienic, as well as for optical reasons very important. We recommend here the installation of a system of the PHASIS series. The ferrite ring around the water pipe induces a strong alternating current field, which pulsates in high frequency density. The ferrites pumped through the field Germs and bacteria are damaged and die. The effect of flocculation is also interesting, because organic suspended matter is positive and negative charge of the alternating current pulses are charged and coincide. They form coarser flakes that are easier to filter.


Rust protection

The electrical voltage fed into the metal pipes by induction creates a coaxial Magnetic field within the cables, also called skin effect. This disturbs the electrochemical Reaction which leads to corrosion. Experience has shown that corrosion inside the pipe at use of PHASIS limescale protection equipment is inhibited by up to 65%.


Steam saunas

PHASIS limescale protection units protect the spray nozzles, heating elements and supply lines without the Use of chemical softeners.


By using our PHASIS limescale protection devices, not only can the quantity of shower gel be halved The water also feels softer and more skin-friendly overall. Fine traces of lime dust can be easily wiped away, the shower heads with their sensitive nozzles calcify and clog no more. Even dried-on lime residues can be easily removed within 72 hours. wipe away.


At the beginning you will find more and more grit-like precipitates in sieves and aerators, which the dissolving residues in the pipes. This effect is only temporary. Total you will find less lime sales. Should you nevertheless find limescale on the shower screens, taps and machine fine sieves, lime dust can be easily removed within approx. 72 hours. (without chemical agents) with a soft, slightly damp cloth. If soap-like soiling in the form of water and steam is applied from the outside (washing trough, shower head) the screen head, the lime, although treated, will not completely escape to the outside rinsed. This problem can be solved by cleaning the sieve (soaking in vinegar).


Water Sanitation

The rehabilitation effect depends on the performance of the unit, the flow rate of the water, the amount of sedimentation (lime in the water), the type of sedimentation (water heat) and the existing deposit density of the existing lime. The extraction process begins after only a few time. Once a week, all water points can be set to full capacity for a few minutes at a time. flow rate (remove screens if possible). During the decomposition process larger lime deposits can be observed in the sieves; it can be seen under may cause a slightly clogged pipe until the loosened lime has been removed. If you temporarily experience a stronger "dry rigidity" because of the increased limescale build-up during washing you can add fabric softener at short notice. It is possible that after some time you will find some lime in your sieves. Then a (outside the primary effect) and is brought to the surface in batches.

Water Hygiene

Electronic limescale protection is also an important factor in good water hygiene. Thick, rough surfaces in pipelines (lime and mud deposits) pose a risk, that pathogenic germs (such as legionella) settle in. Here the powerful PHASIS induction units Remedy. The bacteria that easily form in lime deposits Biofilm is effectively combated by the strong frequency field of the induction system.

Washing machine

The detergent consumption can be reduced to the dosing quantity for soft or medium water hardness (also applies to hand washing). Descaling agents can be considerably reduced or omitted will be. Fabric softener can also be saved. At high water temperatures (90° C) a descaling agent can be used. Due to the reduction of detergent, you not only save a lot of money, but also help to reduce waste water load.