Phasis Power 25

The limescale protection unit Phasis Power 25 is designed for 1-family houses or condominiums with 1 bathroom.

This compact and space-saving device is a fully-fledged, powerful limescale protection device with 25 to 30 Volt induction power.

Picture of the Power 25 with a measuring device showing the signal
Signal / Power 25

How Phasis works:
Too much lime is dissolved in hard water, which uncontrollably settles like a sponge in water pipes and appliances and destroys them. The strong electrical high-frequency signal bombards the lime dissolved in the water, which is then transformed into tiny microcrystals.
And because of their surface shape, they can no longer accumulate.
The consequence: The water pipes remain free of limescale deposits, which means the appliances last longer! And all this without expensive filters and salts that can impair the taste of the water!

The dust-fine precipitation on shower heads and taps is easily wiped away! This eliminates the annoying properties of water hardness!

The voltage level guarantees that the high-frequency signal is actually transmitted spatially in such a way that all lines are constantly reached.

Via the ferrite ring placed around the water pipe, 25 volts are constantly induced into the water without contact. The voltage strength guarantees that the high-frequency signal is actually transmitted spatially in such a way that all areas of the domestic water network are protected against lime deposits.

Lime protection is thus achieved.

The unit is equipped with 2 green LEDs. They light up to indicate that the unit is working properly.

The ferrite ring can span water pipes up to 40 mm, or 1.5 inch.

Since the strong induction field is built up inside the ring, you can also install it around smaller water pipes without having to reckon with energy losses. The pipe material is not important, because the voltage and thus the high frequency field is transmitted in the water.

The dimensions are 102 х 43 х 104 mm . This makes it ideal for use where installation space is limited.

Lime protection with the Phasis Power 25
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Advantages of the Phasis Power 25

PHASIS Power 25 space-saving and high-voltage for detached houses

The voltage of 25 - 30 volts is induced into the tap water as a high-frequency alternating current signal.
For larger houses there are powerful models like Power 30 and Power 35

Effective against lime deposits

The powerful high-frequency signal prevents the lime from settling in the pipes, but is consumed with the water in the form of tiny microcrystals floating in the water. The dust-fine lime no longer settles, it can be wiped off fittings and tiles without the use of harsh cleaning agents. The shower heads remain free, they no longer clog. This preserves the shine on the tiles, which is easily damaged by cleaning agents. And it makes work easier! This time-saving effect has been proven in hotels that have been able to achieve significant labour savings. Since the Power 25 works without chemicals, it saves energy and therefore costs in an ecologically sensible way.

Effective against rust

The alternating current signal is also effective against rust, it protects the pipes with a layer of electrons, the pipes last longer and the risk of pipe breakage is reduced.

Highly efficient

The high-frequency signal is completely harmless and not perceptible to us. It can only be measured in water (with an oscilloscope), the energy costs are less than 7,- £ per year. Therefore the device works 24 hours a day in the whole pipeline network.

You do not need a craftsman

There are no windings to lay, the ferrites are screwed together and placed around the water pipe according to a very simple installation plan which is enclosed with the product. Then the plug is plugged in and you can see on the LED how the device starts to work. All this can be done in a few minutes without any effort - done!