Phasis Power 30

Lime protection for apartment buildings with up to 3 bathrooms, also for smaller technical installations.

Phasis Power 30 protects your water pipes and appliances against calcification and breaks down existing limescale deposits. The annoying disadvantages of hard water are neutralised.

Picture of the Power 30
Power 30


The lime dissolved in the water is precipitated in the form of tiny crystals, which can be seen with laboratory measuring instruments! These dust-fine particles do not settle, they are rinsed out with the water and can then be easily wiped away.

Pipes remain free, water taps and shower heads no longer clog, strong cleaning agents are no longer necessary.

The signal strength can be read!

The device is equipped with an LED display. You can always read the function. This is a new comfort feature of the Power 30. The constantly changing frequency field is controlled by microprocessors, so that changing conditions in water chilling with lime are comprehensively covered.

The ferrite ring can span water pipes up to 46 mm, or 1.8 inches.

Ferrites are far superior to other methods such as copper windings in terms of their induction power, which explains the high voltage transmission into the water network. Since the strong induction field is built up inside the ring, you can also place it around smaller water pipes without having to reckon with energy losses. The pipe material is unimportant, because the pipe carrier is water.

Use in heat exchangers and boilers.

As the lime no longer settles, considerably less heating energy is required. Our experience shows that existing deposits are decomposed over time.

Lime protection with the Phasis Power 30
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Advantages of the Phasis Power 30

Suitable for smaller apartment buildings

For apartment buildings with up to 3 bathrooms. The device can also be used selectively to protect individual installations (boiler, heating boiler). For larger objects there is the model Power 35 .

Effective against lime deposits

The high-frequency signal prevents the lime from settling in the pipes, it is rinsed out in the form of tiny microcrystals floating with the water consumption.
The lime, which is then in the form of dust, can be easily removed from tiles, fittings and appliances without the use of harsh cleaning agents, making descaling easier. The use in hotels shows that considerably less work will be required for cleaning. Tiles and fittings are protected and shower heads no longer clog.

Effective against rust

The alternating current signal is also effective against rust, it protects the pipes with a layer of electrons, the pipes last longer and the risk of pipe breakage is reduced.

Highly efficient

The high-frequency signal is completely harmless and cannot be perceived by us. It can only be measured in water (with an oscilloscope).

The energy costs are below 9,-£ per year. Therefore the device works 24 hours a day in the whole pipeline network.

You do not need a craftsman

There are no windings to lay, the ferrites are screwed together and placed around the water pipe according to a very simple installation plan which is enclosed with the product. Then the plug is plugged in and you can see on the LED how the device starts to work. All this can be done in a few minutes without any effort - done!