Phasis Power 100

For very large apartment buildings with up to 30 residential units, medium-sized hotels with up to 50 rooms, various commercial and industrial applications, agricultural use

PHASIS Power 100 – High-frequency induction technology successfully protects against lime deposits and removes existing lime scale from the entire water supply system and water-carrying installations 

Mode of operation

PHASIS is installed around the central domestic water supply or directly in front of the water-carrying installation (we advise). In the ferrite ring a strong electric alternating current field of approx. 70-85 volts is built up, which transmits the voltage concentrated there wirelessly into the water network. Because water is conductive, this high-frequency electrical voltage is transmitted to all areas of the water network. This can be checked with a physical measuring device (oscilloscope).

High frequency means that the current frequency of PHASIS devices oscillates almost 50,000 times faster than our normal alternating current. The constant rapid succession of these impulses causes the lime-forming elements magnesium and calcium to precipitate as tiny microcrystals and, due to their surface structure, can no longer build up to form calcifications.

Why PHASIS Power 80 works:

  • It has a pulsating effect throughout the entire pipeline network.
  • It operates continuously, 24 hours a day.
  • The limescale protection signal is distributed electrically.
  • The limescale protection signal varies, it covers the different problem zones – such as differences in limescale content and temperature – covers.

Housing material

The housing is made of highly impact-resistant and temperature-resistant polyurethane (200°C).

Product Safety

The unit contains an internal overheating protection. At high temperatures the voltage is automatically reduced. The high alternating current frequency prevents transmission in the form of electric shock.

Installation instructions

The PHASIS unit is installed without opening the water pipe. It can be used on all pipe materials. Comprehensive installation instructions are supplied with the units. PHASIS works fully automatically, maintenance-free and without additives (chemical-free). The PHASIS units are characterised by their very low power consumption.

Functional guarantee

PHASIS Power devices are high quality products. The functional guarantee is 3 years.

Expand technical detail:
Modell Power 100
Automatic control signal strength, temperature
Pipe diameter 132 mm, 5,2"
Frequency 122 – 145 KHz
Voltage 85 – 100 Volt
Power consumption 7 Watt
205 х 85 х 47 mm
Protection functions CE-compliant; IP 65
Ferrit Quantity 6 x long
Working temperature at installation site Max. 65°C
3,7 kg
Water temperature 0 – 115°C
Power input 230 Volt 50 – 60 Hz
Audible alarm In case of overheating or low signalignal

Lime protection with the Phasis Power 100
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Advantages of the Phasis Power 100

Mit Control function

LED Display.

The voltage reached in the ferrite ring is shown on the LED display alternating with the temperature

Versatile in use

The Power 100 is very versatile due to its wide temperature range and especially its strong induction power. We recommend its use in the industrial or hotel sector. The induction power of 85-100 volts works reliably, even in longer water pipe networks.

Effective against lime deposits

The high frequency signal prevents lime from settling in the pipes. This saves energy and therefore costs in an ecologically sensible way and it protects the pipes.

Effective against rust

The alternating current signal is also effective against rust, it protects the pipes with a layer of electrons, the pipes last longer and the risk of pipe breakage is reduced.

Highly efficient

The high-frequency signal is completely harmless and cannot be perceived by us. It can only be measured in water (with an oscilloscope).

The energy costs are below 16,-£ per year. Therefore the device works 24 hours a day in the whole pipeline network.

You do not need a craftsman

There are no windings to lay, the ferrites are screwed together and placed around the water pipe according to a very simple installation plan which is enclosed with the product. Then the plug is plugged in and you can see on the LED how the device starts to work. All this can be done in a few minutes without any effort - done!